The Regency Women’s Golf League meets for 20 weeks during the summer months for the purpose of promoting the sport of golf among our women members.
We do so
in a friendly but competitive manner by following
the rules set forth by the USGA and the local
rules of our course.
Our league is open to any interested Regency woman who also belongs to the Regency Golf Course regardless of her
level of play.  Each player is placed in a flight
depending on handicap so players are competing against other players of similar skill level.
Our weekly tournaments are fun and challenging and some reward individual achievement while others reward team
achievement.  Prizes consist of credit in our pro shop and are awarded weekly. It’s always fun to see if your name is on the winner’s list.
We start out our year with an informative and social
 wine and cheese get together and end our year
 with an elegant awards luncheon where we can
 relive our best (and worst) days on the course
 with old and new friends.
 In order to join the Women’s Golf League you must;
……………… be a Regency resident
……………… be a member of the Regency golf course
……………….establish a handicap  through the GHIN system
……………….pay a membership fee to our club
Contact information and membership forms are available at the clubhouse and the golf shop.
Sandy Newman