Come & Join Small Group Yoga Class

Tuesday Mornings 8:30-9:30 AM

Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that is helpful to everyone in our daily lives. It works with the physical, mental and emotional bodies. There are numerous benefits but just to name a few would be to help increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone.

As we age we want to maintain or gain more muscle strength to stay strong.  It helps improve respiration, energy, and vitality and protection from injury.  It helps to improve balance and prevent injuries.  Aside from the physical benefits, Yoga helps a person to manage and reduce stress.  It teaches one to develop mental clarity and increase body awareness, relaxing the mind, center attention and sharpen concentration Relaxation techniques help to lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome.  It can also lower blood pressure.

Many styles of Yoga are available and anyone can start at any age. There are always modifications available to suit your needs and flexibility. Yoga’s increasing popularity is proof that many people value an exercise system that engages the mind, body and spirit. Give it a try!

Tuesday morning 8:30- 9:30 Clubhouse downstairs old gym room

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